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BIP Machine Readable File (MRFs) Link

In October 2020, HHS, Labor, and Treasury issued the groundbreaking “Transparency in Coverage” Final Rule (TiC), which requires plan sponsors of self-insured plans and fully insured group health plans to disclose extensive price and cost-sharing information in a set of two different required data disclosures: public disclosures and plan participant disclosures.

These rules will be implemented in phases, over the course of about three years, beginning with the public posting of pricing data (known as the “machine readable files” or “MRFs”) and progressing to a more personalized transparency experience for plan members in 2023 and 2024 through deployment of an advance cost estimate tool or health care “shopping tool” for plan members.

Trustmark will be updating these MRFs monthly.

You will be able to access a link on the BIP Employee Dashbpard Page for our health plan to see the MRFs for our plan cost.

Highlight the below link, right click and go to the link address

BIP Safety and Health Program

The new BIP Safety and Health Program

2023 401(k) Annual Plan Year Notices

Federal regulations require that all 401(k) Plan participants be given the following Annual Notices for the Company’s 401(k) Plan.

Attached are the copies of the 2023 Annual Notices.

1. Participant 404(a)(5) Fee Disclosure Notice
2. Qualified Default Investment Alternative Notice (QDIA)
3. Safe Harbor/Auto Enrollment

Fund Change Notice

Effective 3/14/23, Brown will be doing a fund swap of the American Funds Inv Co Amer R6 fund with the Vanguard Equity Income Admin fund.

Brown will also be adding the T. Rowe Price Retirement 2060 fund.

Please see the attached file for all the details.